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Reference Letters

Michael L. Scholtz, DMD
Assistant Dean for Extramural Clinical Practices and Associate Professor
East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine
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Arthur Carlson
University Archivist and Records Manager
Academic Library Services
East Carolina University
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Donald D. Sweet
Associate Vice Chancellor, Chief Information Officer
East Carolina University
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Sherry Rogers, RN
Director, Staff Development
Wayne Memorial Hospital
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Deanna M. Boyette, MD
Boyette Orthopedics & Sports Medicine, PA
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Rich Peavy
Training Coordinator
Samaritan's Purse
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It Is All About Me … I Can Make A Positive Difference!

“Kathy Sprau has the ability to hold an audience with her dynamic and energetic presentation!”
Jerry Prescott, Director SBC
Pamlico Community College

“Energetic, stimulating, and motivating. Refreshingly invigorating. Would recommend to everyone!”
Theresa Wilmot, RN, BSN
Pitt County Memorial Hospital

“Kathy’s energy captivates her audience and fosters participation because no one wants to miss out on the fun while at the same time learning how to communicate in the positive.”
Barbara Lee, MSW, ACSW, LCSW
Pitt County Memorial Hospital

“Nothing short of wonderful! Kathy is a fireball and energizing; the best speaker I’ve ever heard! I’ve been to training with Kathy that involved 25-30 people and also 250 people. She is very interactive with a large group.”
Linda Black
Central Carolina Bank, Lexington, NC

“I realize what a challenge it is to speak to a large group of teenagers and their patents, but you surely maintained everyone’s attention and kept them awake. I think everybody appreciated your animated and entertaining form of delivery, you had them laughing and … thinking!”
Tere Ruff, Academic Chair
J. H. Rose High School, Greenville, NC

”As a former student of J. H. Rose High School, my life was deeply impacted by the speech you delivered at our Academic Banquet. Standing in front of my peers and myself was the most dynamic speaker I had ever heard during my four years at J. H. Rose High School. With your energy and positive outlook, you held our attention by relating stories and directly involving the audience.

I have learned that having a positive outlook on life is what makes life’s wonderful times enjoyable and life’s difficult times bearable.

From the positive reaction I saw to your speech, I am sure that my peers will remember the same message and put it top work in their lives as well. I am forever grateful to you for making me aware of the influence of words and thoughts."
Jesse Ruff
Graduate of J. H. Rose High School

“Our members have expressed praise on your cordial, energetic personality, and enthusiasm to share such needed information for the workplace. Your presentation of positive ideas, oral responses, the do’s and don’ts of written and verbal communications has certainly made a positive difference in our attitudes, the quality of teamwork, and self-presentation to others. Folks could greatly benefit from your motivational presentations. I would highly recommend you to any organization or business.”
Debra Lanier, President
Randolph County Office Professionals

“Have you seen Kathy present? She is unforgettable! Her words pierce the heart and the mind.”
Dr. Gita Katwa, Md., PCMH

“I didn’t get sleepy one bit! I had a long day and I was really tired, but you kept me energized.”
Mary Kay Mgr.
Fayetteville, NC

“People have told me for years that I need to be more positive! Now I know how to do it!”
Repeat participant
Wayne Community College

“The light bulb went off, now I am a much more pleasant person to be around.”
Repeat participant
Wayne Community College

“Kathy Sprau conducted a day long motivational seminar around 3 ½ years ago. My employees are still using buzz words, etc. She really made an impressive impact. She was great! We love her! My employees are still using what they learned.
William Clutter
Student Services, East Carolina University

“I would like to thank you for helping to make our 50th annual conference a great event for the participants. This is the kind of information we all need in our daily lives as well as at work. As always, you did a superb job in presenting the information to the group.”
Judy J. Tart
Pitt County Register of Deeds

“Leaders, keep the energy going in the face of negativity! Kathy Sprau’s upbeat and lively presentation provides practical tools for maintaining enthusiasm and positive attitude.”
Elizabeth Layman, PhD
Professor and Chair
Dept. of Health Services and Info Mgmt.

“Kathy gave a very fun, informative and enlightening presentation. The best part was having my own personal standing ovation. I have never experienced anything like that before.”
Deborah Bryant
Marketing Consultant, Greensboro, NC

What You Say, Before You Even Open Your Mouth

“Your talk was energetic, inspiring, funny, lotsa fun. I certainly enjoyed every single moment and that’s a lot to say for me, it’s very difficult to ever get and keep my undivided attention.”
Mamie Dixon
Yoga Instructor

“You are one of the most exciting speakers! I always come away a little more positive, a little more productive, a little …. Better!”
June Graves, Dukes and Graves, CPA
Greenville, NC

“You are such a good speaker that you inspired me to do something I have been putting off. Just wanted to let you know that you are appreciated and deserve a “standing ovation”!
Janet Horton
Island Jack’s Travel Company

Putting An End …

“I was looking for something to motivate me because I’m such a bad procrastinator! And you did it!”
Valerie Lunnie
Surgical Nurse, Wayne Memorial Hospital

“Do you realize what an impact you have on people? It’s so obvious you love what you do. It makes me want to evaluate what I’m doing and pursue something I can be really passionate about”
SBC Seminar, Wilson TCC

How to Talk So Others Will Listen: Full Day!

“I was so impressed with your seminar and I’ve shared some of what you said with folks back
in my office. I could almost go through the class again! It was so much fun!

“You are like a diamond, such a good teacher with so much excitement! You were awesome, really, really good! I got all my notes!”
Angela Frantini
Camp Lejeune

"Kathy was very energetic and funny! The seminar was well worth coming to for any who wants to better themselves!"
Fred Ward
Manager, Western Sizzlin, Wilson

"Kathy kept my attention very well and made things interesting. She was able to break it down so that anyone could understand it. She didn't just blow it off and leave us to hope we got it. I liked the way she used real world examples.
Brian Simon, Western Sizzlin, Wilson

Send The Complainer Away … Happy! (Beauty and the Beast Revisited)

"Kathy’s subject matter, enthusiasm, humor, upbeat attitude, along with timely material makes her presentations an exciting learning experience. We have been so pleased with her performance that we have engaged Mrs. Sprau, on a quarterly basis, to conduct customer service training for all new employees, having already presented this program to our entire staff of hourly employees (400 strong).”
William W. Rush
Director of Human Resources
Physicians East, P.A.

“Kathy did an outstanding job with her presentation. She was well prepared and organized. I found her to be personable with all those attending and interacted with them with professional knowledge and a sense of humor. Kathy answered questions as well as presented new ideas and strategies for coping with “complainers” that could easily be put into action.
Lentz Stowe, Director Small Business Ctr.
Beaufort Community College

Don’t Get Mad, Get Even … Even More Cooperation

“The presenter was knowledgeable and it was good to see someone who enjoys what they talk about!”
Eastern Area Health Education
Center participant

“Good information for corporate or management, besides the healthcare field. I learned a lot about being a leader.”
Eastern Area Health Education
Center participant

“Instructor was outstanding! Made class very interesting, added class and humor to the curriculum.”
Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital

Are You Frazzled or Focused?

“The light bulb went off! Now I am a much more pleasant person to be around.”
Repeat participant
Goldsboro, NC

“I would highly recommend this dynamic speaker. I enjoyed the format and the laughter. It was very uplifting. Kathy made the class most informative and enjoyable. She was very upbeat.”
Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital

“The instructor was absolutely great! The information was easy to understand.”
Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital

How To Be Nice and Mean It!

“Kathy is an excellent speaker, she draws from humor and personal experience to keep the participant interested and motivated. Excellent means of involving participants. She acts like she is having the time of her life” as she facilitates. Her stories are truly inspiring.”
Repeat participant
Wayne Memorial Hospital

“She increased the awareness of the importance of praise in the workplace setting.”
Repeat participant
Wayne Memorial Hospital

Out Front and On Top

“Speaker didn’t seem rushed and kept good eye contact. She kept us “into” what she was talking about. Excellent examples and illustrations.”
Lenoir Memorial Hospital

“GREAT speaker! You can tell she loves what she does!”
Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital

“The seminar was very energetic and informative. I have information to have with me at all times.”
Camp Lejeune Naval Hospital

“Kathy is great!” She has so much enthusiasm, it’s definitely catchy and contagious.”
Lenoir Memorial Hospital

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